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We are business consultants who strive to build professional relationships with individuals and the small business community and work to enhance client wealth and/or accommodate the transfer of their wealth or business continuation. We also develop, implement, and maintain long-term financial plans designed to achieve client retirement without compromise in lifestyle or any real concern of outliving one's income. We hope to provide you with stress-free management in tax planning, tax preparation, bookkeeping, business start-ups, transfers, or consultations, and payroll services. Call today to set up a consultation with one of our expert professionals.

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  • gordyImg.jpgGordy Hoffmann, E.A. (Enrolled Agent)

    Owner, Tax Accountant

  • andiImg.jpgAndi Hoffmann

    Owner, Tax Accountant

  • miscLogo.jpgJennifer Prock, E.A. (Enrolled Agent)

    Corporate Tax

  • miscLogo.jpgHarvey Sternat, MBA

    Tax Accountant

  • miscLogo.jpgJennifer Marshall

    Office Administrator

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